Cleaning Tips for your Kitchen

Kitchen cleaning time! Who is excited about cleaning their kitchen? I am! Knowing that your kitchen is properly cleaned and sanitized/disinfected means a healthier environment for cooking in. Let’s get started!

Let’s start with the stove/oven. If you have a wall unit, then you have a self cleaning one; this definitely simplifies things. You just start the self cleaning, wait and wipe the interior clean. If you do not have a self cleaning stove/oven then try using compostable sponges to clean the interior without scratching. These are two sided sponges; one for scrubbing and the other is a sponge. ( If you get a bucket and fill with dawn dish soap and warm water, this is a wonderful degreaser to help remove any grease deposits. Next, pull out the stove from the wall. How often do you clean under and around your stove? This should be done at least twice a year. Wash the sides of the stove, counter & walls; again using dawn soap & water. This helps alleviate harsh chemicals in your home. The range hood is another place to degrease. If you have a grease trap/net, soaking it in the sink in dawn soap with help lift the grease.

Moving on to the fridge. I mentioned this in another post about cleaning tips and the best time to clean this out is garbage day. When you dispose of leftovers, etc, this helps empty it out a bit to make it easier to wipe out the shelves. The condiments should be checked for expiry dates and wash under them in case any spills happened that you missed. Keeping your onions in a bag in the fridge helps keep the skins under control & your fridge drawers less messy. The freezer is another place that easily collects foods that you will eat in the future…sometimes you just don’t get to them or remember what you have in there anymore and again, a great place to go through to ensure nothing is expired or has freezer burn. When you pull your fridge away from the wall, wash the sides, counter sides and walls too. Also, vacuum the air intake on the back of the fridge. This should be done more often if you have pets.

Cupboards can easily become a place of clutter and items can get crammed into the back. Taking the time to organize the shelves will make all the difference when you are looking for specific items or heading to the grocery; to know if you have these items already or not. Wiping out the shelves helps keep future ants or nasties out and a healthier storage place for your foods. Wiping down the exterior of your cupboards helps keep germs at bay & any dust build up on decorative ridges.

If you are looking for a less harsh way to disinfect your high touch areas in your home, try mixing 70% isopropyl alcohol with water. Do not use a higher concentration than 70%, why? because the higher the concentration level, the less effective it is at killing pathogens. Mix 1 part distilled water (not tap water; this keeps any impurities out of your solution) to 2 parts isopropyl alcohol into a spray bottle to use on surfaces. Spray and wipe. Do not use on finished surfaces, varnished surfaces & fabrics. This is great for light switches, handles, door knobs, etc.

We have successfully cleaned the fridge, stove & cupboards! Time to tackle under the sink! How often do YOU clean under here? Are you afraid to look? Let’s pull out everything you have hiding in here and start with washing out the bottom and walls. Then we will decide what we put back under there. This is the time to better organize this area and keep it looking & smelling fresh.

Another place I bet you don’t think about often is….the baseboards under your lower cabinets. You would be surprised at all the splashes that build up on these. So get down on your hands and knees and scrub them clean. while you are on your knees, wash the rest of your baseboards around the room. This way you keep up with the splashes and drips that fall on these.

Walls. Always look at your walls, especially if you have kids & pets. Looking at their levels really helps keep every clean and finger print free. Using soap & water does the trick.

Time to sweep, vacuum & mop. Yes I say vacuum, why? because after you sweep, you can vacuum up the little pieces that your dust pan misses. This way you are sure to get all the yuckies. To mop, use a scent free product to properly clean your floors. Rinse often and keep your bucket of water clean to ensure the cleanest of floors in the end.

Happy Cleaning! Tell me tips you have for your kitchen, I’d love to hear about them. 😀

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