What Does Green Cleaning Mean?

In today’s cleaning world, many companies claim they are green. This is such a vague term and used loosely all over and can make reference to many things. It is up to you to ask the right questions that help you better determine whether this is a “green” enough company for you to work with. But there are many factors involved to make a cleaning company truly a green cleaning company. Let’s break it down into smaller chunks:

For me, green cleaning means a lot of things:

  1. The products used. What are the cleaning products they use to clean the surfaces in your home or office? Are they bought from a large supplier? a smaller supplier? home made? That would be the first question to find out. If they are home made, is the consistency the same in each cleaner made? What are the ingredients they are using? Can these ingredients be combined together? Will these products do a proper job to ensure the level of cleanliness you want for your home or office? (I don’t recommend asking ALL of these questions, but you will get the idea by researching yourself, the ingredients they choose to uses in their products). There are many “green” products being produced out there and if you carefully researched the ingredients they are using, you will see which are truly safe and the ones that are considered “safe” due to the lower % used in the formula to make the final product. If you have children and pets crawling around on your floors, wouldn’t you want to know what products (& ingredients) are used on them to make them clean? I know that many of these products on the market do not contain smell or colour and technically this makes it a safer & greener product because it is not harming the environment or your respiratory system but still check to see if the smaller amounts of ingredients used are present in the product.

2. Does the company use reusable cloths or disposable? Disposable ensures you get a new cloth every time at your home, but this is wasteful and not good for the environment. For reusable cloths, how are they cleaned? how often are they replaced with new cloths? (I dont think you would call up a cleaning company to ask them how they clean their cloths, but perhaps once they have been cleaning for you, you may. You can definitely ask if they use disposable ones).

3. When it comes to paper towel…where is this being used in your home or office? Is it used excessively or minimally? Do they use it on the windows or do they use a cloth designed to clean windows?

4. What about reducing their carbon footprint by having the cleaners drive in one car? I understand during covid that everyone is at different levels with comfort and perhaps during this time of uncertainty, it wouldn’t be the best time to judge. But otherwise….?

5. Masks. Again, during covid, we are required to wear masks everywhere. Does your company supply new ones all the time or ones that you can reuse? You can also get creative and have your company logo on the mask, and make it part of your uniform (like we did 😀 )

6. What about having the cleaners staying at one end of the city to clean for their shift instead of travelling back and forth from end to end. This definitely reduces your carbon footprint with less driving done in a shift.

7. What about reusing spray bottles? To help reduce plastic and waste.

8. Having a system in place for the staff to properly prepare for each house or office to clean with every supply needed for the job and eliminating having to drive back to get forgotten items; again helps reduce the carbon footprint with driving.

9. Another major point would be regarding products used. Do they test on animals? This is a no brainer. No one should ever support a company that is testing their products on animals. To find this out, once you know what products a company uses, you can then go online and this information will be listed on the SDS sheets provided by that product company.

I hope these tips have helped open your eyes towards what company you would like to work with as well as which products you would like to welcome into your home. Allowing less chemicals into your home is creating a much healthier environment for you and your family to live in. 😀

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